Monday, 8 April 2013

Primrose observation

 This is a photograph of a Primrose.
Primroses grow wild in ditches, in gardens under hedges and in woodland areas.
A flower is beginning to appear on our primrose at St Brigid's National School,
Killygarry, Co Cavan.
We have uploaded this photograph on the Greenwave site.
This photograph was taken on Sunday 24th February 2013.
We will inspect it again in a few days and take another photograph for you to see.
Keep watching!

Our second photograph of a primrose and this was taken on Saturday 2nd March.

Horse chestnut observation

Our first sighting of a Horse Chestnut Tree bud. This photograph was taken on Saturday 2nd March in Cavan.

We will keep checking our tree and upload more photographs soon.

The picture below is a small branch that we have growing in our classroom.
As you can see it has lots of  leaves on it.
This photo was taken on the 12th of April.

This next photograph was taken on 22nd April and as you can see the buds are opening on this tree.
There are lots of new leaves.

Friday, 22 March 2013

S.E.A.I Visit

On the 21st of March our school had a visit from Caitriona from S.E.A.L. She held workshops throughout the day for children from 3rd – 6th class.
The theme of the day was energy. The pupils learned about the laws of energy, about renewable and non-renewable energy, climate change and the problems and challenges facing us in supplying the energy needed for the future.
The pupils carried out experiments to do with the laws of energy.
They learned about how energy is never destroyed but changes form – they explored friction, sound energy, vibration and movement.
At the end of the session all the pupils took part in a game on a large floor mat. The facilitator asked questions related to energy-saving and the teams gained tokens for every correct answer.
The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and benefited greatly from it.

Tree branches budding in the classroom

Whitethorn branch

We have been keeping an eye on our branches in our classroom.

Our Ash tree

Our Horse Chestnut tree.

Maths Trail

This week 3rd and 4th class did a maths trail in the school grounds.

One of the themes of the trail was measurement. the pupils used various instruments eg rulers, metre sticks, metre strips and trundle wheels to measure distances, the perimeter of certain areas and the circumference of tree trunks. The pupils were asked to estimate before measuring

Another theme of the trail was line and shape. The children looked for vertical, diagonal and horizontal lines and all types of 2D and 3D shapes in the school environment.

The pupils recorded all the car models and registrations in teachers car park and had to figure out which were the oldest and newest cars.

The children also recorded all the numbers they saw as they walked around. Despite the cold weather and drizzle everyone was enthusiastic and tried to carry out all the tasks.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Investigating soil.

Third and fourth class had a visit from a guest speaker,Mr.Domhnall Kennedy, who works as an adviser   with Teagasc.  The theme of his talk was Soils and the Environment. He had some soil samples to show to the class.
Pupils learned about soil composition- the main ingredients being clay,sand,silt and organic material.We looked at the different layers in the soil when we put some in a tall jar, mixed it with water and left it to settle for a few days.
We learned about the nutrients that are contained in soil which a plant needs to grow and about how heavy rainfall in Ireland causes a loss of soil nutrients.
Our soil samples contained some worms who do a very important job in breaking down the organic materials in the soil.

Cleaning dirty water.

                                  In 3rd and 4th class we set about the task of cleaning dirty water.
                         Our filter was a plastic bottle filled with builder's sand ,pebbles and moss.
             The dirty water was poured into the up-turned filter bottle. It dripped through into a jug.
                                    The first time it went through the water still looked dirty.
                                                  So we repeated the process many times.
               We were very pleased  when our water filter worked and we had clean water in the end.